The Trivedi Effect – Benefits Of Meditation

If there is one form of exercise that actually lives up to the mark, then it is meditation. Regular meditation not only induces weight loss but also increases your life span significantly. It’s not going to make miraculously you younger or freeze your age, but rather it helps in stopping the symptoms and problems that will reduce your life span.

An answer to your stress

We all get stressed out once in a while but repeated encounters with stress can make it a regular visitor. As a result, your health and body balance can go to worse levels. Hypertension and stress causes an array of diseases too.

Blood sugar levels increase and the heart is also at risk. If you have a smoking or drinking habit then, the issue could go even worse as you tend to get more addicted at times of stress. Later you will always resort to smoking and drinking when you are feeling low.

Stress can be very dangerous if left lightly. That is why you need to handle and take care of your stress at the beginning itself. For this, meditation is a good way. There is various meditation techniques that can help you achieve the results you are craving for.

When you are in a financial crisis, there is no use saying”I need moneyandGod help mefor times that you are amidst the worst period of your life. Instead, saving your will power and living it off can be the answer. You never know how well things can change once you give them the chance to. This is why you need to wait with patience and give time to do its trick.

Everything changes over time and nothing are permanent. You need patience to wait for the end. Luckily, meditation will give you that. Meditation can bring a lot of behavioral changes in you. You will feel less stressed, calm and clearer to make good decisions. When you are stressed out there is no way that you can make conscious choices. Your mind will only think about relief for the time being.

Take a deep breath and take one again. This is the easiest way to calm yourself. Tell yourself that you will not make any big decisions when you are stressed. Wait for some time to pass. When you think enough time has passed, rethink your earlier judgment or start freshly. This time, it surely won’t be that bad or even close to bad.

Decisions taken during periods of utmost calm and peace are always better than the ones taken in a hurry. Meditation Retreats always help calm you down and help your mind to focus.

How is The Trivedi Effect® beneficial?

Another amazing phenomenon that helps your mind to calm down and experience inner peace is The Trivedi Effect®. This phenomenon works on the concept of Energy Transmission using the power of one’s mind. These Energy Transmissions help one reconnect with one’s Inner Guidance system and draw from the Universal Intelligence; allowing one to exist at a higher state of being, where one feels more happiness, calm and mental focus.

The Trivedi Effect® has reportedly helped many experience joy and peace through its several meditation retreats and Trivedi Master WellnessTM programs. Thousands of people world over have testified to the positive benefits in their emotional and mental wellbeing, experienced after enrolling in these programs. You too can experience the benefits of this phenomenon. There are many Mahendra Trivedi reviews that can be found at and also people has given Trivedi Effect reviews after getting benefit from it.

Close Look At Crystal Healing

Considering that people these days are experiencing various physical and mental problems, there has been constant research happening on finding ways and means of preventing and overcoming these problems. In other words, considering the increase in human physical and mental problems, the human health and wellness industry has been constantly undergoing change. Gone are the days, when only the physical problems were considered harmful to living. In the current scenario wherein human life is constantly surrounded with the clouds of depression, stress and anxiety, wellness experts are equally emphasising on mental health too.

Crystal HealingConsidering this change in the perception of human health, various new healing techniques are making ways into the wellness industry. One of the recent additions in the healing styles is healing crystals. Crystal healing is characterised as a healing technique that uses the power of certain crystals that are positioned in different ways on the body. In other words, healing crystals are unique and divinely powerful crystals that are placed in different ways like finger rings, pendants, etc. on the body. Crystal healing that was mostly used in the eastern cultures has now become quite popular across the globe. The reason for healing crystals gaining momentum across the globe is the fact that crystals have the ability to absorb, store, project and focus energies like a rechargeable battery. In other words, crystals are capable of directing the flow of energy from one part of the body to another and thereby attain a balance within the energy field.

The body is initially divided into zones or chakras and then accordingly depending upon the problem an individual is facing, healing crystals are placed based upon the energy vortexes. Considering the fact that having a balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is extremely important to lead a whole and happy life, all you need is to bring the energy system back to balance. Healing crystals have proved to have the ability to bring back this balance. Some of the common problems that healing crystals are capable of healing are Headaches, insomnia, lethargy, depression, etc.

The crystal to used would depend upon the problem and your individual body composition and energy points. Considering the growing popularity of crystal healing, various experts have opted to it giving consultancy of the same. However, despite its wide acceptance, healing crystals face their share of criticism too. The technique criticised of having no peer-reviewed scientific evidence of the effect and also that it is a pseudoscience.

However, considering the fact that healing is based on belief and trust, people who believe that healing crystals are effective, can opt for this technique. After creating a stir with his energy healing technique The Trivedi Effect®, Mahendra Trivedi reviews are also filled with testimonials crystal healing.

Four Ways To Build Your Self Esteem

Each individual has a feeling of self-worth which could be precise. This self-worth or self esteem permits an individual to structure convictions and assessments. High self esteem does not mean pride or expanded self-image, however a fair assessment of self. Then again, low self esteem does insight at shut mindedness, self-detest, self-compassion and other such negative perspectives.

Four Ways for building Self Esteem

With diligent work and determination, one can change one’s self-idea and raise their self esteem. One thing that you must remember is that you are a special case who can help yourself! So in the event that you are prepared to make this troublesome, however delightful change in your life, read on to perceive how building self esteem can be made possible.

1. Put stock In Yourself

It is not generally simple to adore yourself. It is essential to know the strategies that will help you not to be brutal on yourself; to accept that it is alright to commit errors and critical to forget yourself for them. Likewise, when it comes to building self esteem, it is essential for you to put stock in what you do and acknowledge yourself for all the great things that you’ve done.

2. Accumulate the Courage

It is at times simpler to be propelled by another person than without anyone else’s input. Advising helps you take control of your life. It additionally helps you understand that you shouldn’t let others carry on with your life for you; that you must be sufficiently sure to settle on your own choices. On the off chance that you roll out this improvement in your life, it will certainly greatly improve the situation, and you will start to begin regarding yourself an increasing amount.

3. Be Optimistic

Talking adversely to yourself is a typical issue and one that can be overcome with the help. Strengthening negative explanations to yourself like ‘I’m not worth the trouble’ will play devastation in your brain. They smash you sincerely and ruin your advancement. A vital piece of building self esteem is supplanting negative considerations with positive ones that assemble self-certainty.

4. Treat Yourself Well

Figure out how to give up! Have a ball. Enjoy things that you like. Set out for some biking, trekking or read a decent book. It is to a great degree paramount to love and appreciate yourself for building self esteem.

Building self esteem with the Energy Transmission of the Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect® which is a whole new natural phenomenon paves way for building self esteem through natural transformation. The phenomenon transforms individuals to connect to their inner guidance system and in-turn to the Universal Energy. To know more about how to harness the power of The Trivedi Effect® for building self esteem, visit,

Abnormal Menstruations Are Easy When Deal Effectively

The healthy number of periods every year for women should be from 11 -13. This is true for almost 80% of women. Similarly, the amount of flow is medium, starting from light to heavy and again light during the 3-5 days of menstruation. But this may be different for different women. Some women get such heavy amount of bleeding during a cycle that they generally have to stop their daily routine and stop all activities due to the inconvenience caused by the heavy flow. Normal menstruation involves blood loss of about five tablespoons, but if you have a heavy flow during menstruation, you may bleed as much as 11 to 24 times that amount each month. Mahendra Trivedi proposes in preference to three or four times a day; you may have to hourly use a tampon or pad. Mahendra Trivedi put forward various ways of dealing with abnormal menstruation.

abnormal menstrual cycle

Teen years and menopause stage are generally characterized by heavy menstrual bleeding. When a woman first begins to menstruate in her late 40s or early 50s and as they get closer to menopause, menstrual periods tend to get abnormal. Post menopause vaginal bleeding is abnormal and should be discussed along with the symptoms with a health care professional right away. Vaginal bleeding after menopause is not normal and can suggest some serious body malfunction.

The Trivedi Masters proposed that if you are experiencing monthly bleeding that is heavier than normal, one or more diagnostic tests should be conducted to determine the cause of your heavy menstrual bleeding. These include routine vaginal tests (Pap smear, cervical smear, smear test), noninvasive imaging like an ultrasound or sonogram, complete blood count. Further examination may include a thyroid test (function) for hormone imbalance, screen clotting disorders through blood clotting tests or an endometrial biopsy to rule out uterine abnormalities. Your medical professional should be capable of determining if your heavy periods have a definite, underlying reason or maybe they are hormone-related based on the results of these or other tests.

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be caused by fundamental abnormalities in the uterus which is a medical condition. Hormones can be the root cause of heavy menstrual bleeding and such similar conditions. Your body may create too much or not enough reproductive hormones i.e. estrogen/progesterone that are necessary to keep your menstrual cycle systematic.

A lot of women with heavy menstrual bleeding, for example, don’t ovulate regularly. Ovulation occurs when one of the ovaries releases an egg, occurs on the 14th day in a normal menstrual cycle. These include blood clotting disorders such as Von Willebrand’s disease, thyroid problems, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) which is a mild-to-moderate bleeding disorder, too insufficient platelets in the blood liver or kidney disease leukemia leading to a bleeding disorder, medications such as anticoagulant drugs heparin and some synthetic hormones.

Complications from an Intra Uterine Devices, fibroids, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, (a fertilized egg begins to grow outside your uterus, typically in your fallopian tubes). Other causes of extreme bleeding comprise infections and precancerous conditions of the uterine lining cells.

Trivedi Masters are of the view that today; women have a range of options for managing their heavy periods, and there are lesser reasons that complicate the condition. Alice Branton CEO off The Trivedi Global inc. suggests various ways to cope up with abnormal menstrual cycle.


The Trivedi Effect – Learn To Handle Clinical Depression

How many times has it happened that you just want to close yourself in a room and stay alone????

How many times has it happened that you have found yourself worthless???

In addition to the above-mentioned thoughts, there are many such negative thoughts that human minds face. Thanks to the current scenario wherein almost every human minds is flooded with numerous negative thoughts. Adding to the situation is the fact that human life seems to have become extremely challenging make it difficult for people to live life. Life is so full with challenges that people find it difficult to face them making them more prone to fall into the darkness of depression. People are so mad over to grow in their career and personal life that they seem to neglect the basic fact that challenges of life are unavoidable, and all you can do is to manage and face them boldly. This understanding is the key to avoiding depression state.

However, it’s not that easy as it sounds. Therefore, there has been an increase in the cases of depression cases. Depression when become severe and chronic it is called clinical depression. Considering that mental disorders are not that equally detectable, many are haunted by the question i.e. how to detect clinical depression? Therefore, here are some broad symptoms that signal clinical depression:

  • Often lost in depression and facing situations that pull you into tears

  • Lack of interest in the majority of the activities that you perform on a daily basis. In addition, more keen on being inactive

  • There seems to be fall in appetite without any concrete reason, and eventually there is a drastic fall in weight too.

  • Experiencing either insomnia or oversleeping

  • Experiencing extreme restlessness or there is a sudden slow down in the behaviour

  • Experiencing fatigue or loss of energy

  • Often experiencing a feeling of helplessness or guilt

  • Suicidal thoughts seem to take a toll.

Experts say that if individuals are facing any five of the above-mentioned symptoms often in a span of two weeks, then it definitely indicates a case of clinical depression. Once the symptoms are detected it is suggested to immediately consult a therapist to address the syndrome before it becomes more chronic. Though there are many medicinal and non-medicinal ways of handling clinical depression, people seem to find non-medicinal techniques more effective. One such non-medicinal healing technique that seems to be the most preferred healing technique for all sorts of physical and mental problems is The Trivedi Effect®. Based on the concept of using divine energy, Trivedi Effect has managed to transform much living and non-living organisms. Thus, for all those in search of unlimited potential, then opting for Trivedi Master Wellness is great.

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Alice Branton – Teaching Kids To Manage Anger

Having a child is considered to be the sweetest and wonderful phase in every couple’s life. In addition, every woman finds motherhood as bliss. However, the desire to have kids, brings in a sense of responsibility too because raising kids is not an easy task. What a child becomes greatly depends on how he/she is brought up by the parents. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the parents ensure that give the best qualities to their kids. As children are novice, various psychologists say that kids are quite adept in picking things, and the habits developed and the personality made in childhood is the same that lives with child as he/she grows up. These habits once developed don’t change much often. Therefore with such great impact, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to inject maximum good habits.

Kids took like adult’s experience emotions but because they are too small and unknown of how to present them, need guidance from their parents. Amidst all the emotions, the one emotion that needs management skills on priority is anger management. Anger is considered that emotion that not only spoils the mood of the person experiencing but also damages relation and work with people involved in the situation. Therefore, it is essential to nurture anger management for children. So, for all the parents here are some broad tips of anger management for children:

  • Tell your parents that getting angry is normal. All they need to do is separate their feelings from behaviour. So, tell them the word out their anger instead of behaving rude and rash

  • When either of the parents is angry, keep a tap on how you behave because kids imitate and learn the parent’s habit. Majority of the parents don’t like to show their low side. Instead of hiding, express your feelings in a good way so that your kids learn them

  • Teach your kids of what is the anger behaviour that is permissible.

  • In addition, make them verse with anger management skills from a tender age so that they grow up to become confident and calm adults

  • Kids pick up things fast when they are shown the rewards they would get of developing the habit. Therefore, make them realize the positive side of following anger management.

With the above-mentioned tips, parents can be assured that the kids learn the art of anger management. However, at times it so happens that some kids are very tough to manage. In such situation, it becomes necessary to consult an external expert to groom your kids. For all those looking for such expert advice, Trivedi Effect® is one of the best options. Pioneered by Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Trivedi Effect® has been doing phenomenal contribution in the wellness industry.

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Trivedi Effect Paving Way To Overcome Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Irregular menstrual cycles are characterized as periods that do not seem at regular intervals. (27-30 day cycles are not irregular). The Traditional Chinese Medical Theory accepts that cycles that begin typical yet get to be shorter (menses begins a week early) demonstrates either unreasonable Heat in the Blood or Qi Deficiency. Cycles that get to be longer separated (week late or getting to be as much as 45 days separated) demonstrate Cold in the Blood, Blood insufficiency or Qi Stagnation. Cycles that have no consistency, late one month early the following may be because of Qi Stagnation in the Liver or Kidney Deficiency.

Heat in the Blood. For the most part, the lady with irregular menstrual cycles (shorter cycles) because of Heat would show other high temperature signs, for example, dull insufficient urine, dim red blood which is thick and bountiful. We would likewise anticipate that the lady will encounter other high-temperature signs, for example, completion in the midsection territory and thirst. Heat in the Blood can emerge from numerous distinctive causes, for example, Internal Heat conditions from over liberality in a hot sustenance or overdose of warming medications or herbs.

Qi Deficiency. A lady experiencing shorter cycles (irregular menstrual cycles) due to a Qi Deficiency would have an abundant, thin and light red menses. She would likewise be by, and large tried with a few shortness of breath and possibly palpitations of the heart. Qi can be drained from over effort and ill-advised eating regimen, which influences the Spleen. Spleen typically has the capacity to control blood, yet in the event that Spleen Qi is inadequate, the Spleen is no more ready to control blood, and draining happens.

Chillness in the Blood. A lady experiencing irregular menstrual cycles that get to be longer and more separated with a sparse dull shaded blood may be experiencing chillness in the blood. By and large she will likewise encounter stomach torment that feels better with a warming cushion. She would likewise presumably experience the ill effects of last minute nerves and hands. It typically originates from inner attack of chills or gorging cool or crude nourishment.

Blood Deficiency. A lady experiencing cycles that get to be longer and more separated with insufficient light red blood may be experiencing Blood Deficiency. She may likewise have wooziness, obscured vision and a vacant feeling in her guts.

Qi Stagnation. Deferred cycles or irregular menstrual cycles with inadequate dim red blood may be brought on by Qi Stagnation. For the most part, the lady will likewise have inclination modifications, typically misery alongside distension or agony under the ribs, and weight in the midsection mitigated by belching.

Kidney Deficiency. Irregular menstrual cycles with sparse light red blood can demonstrate an inadequacy of the Kidney. Her lower back may be sore and her knees frail.

Trivedi Effect paving way to overcome irregular menstrual cycle

The Trivedi Effect® which is a natural phenomenon has paved way for numerous individuals to overcome various health issues. People with irregular menstrual cycles have stated that they have obtained great relief after harnessing the power of the Trivedi Effect®. To know more about how to harness the power of The Trivedi Effect® visit,

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